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What is a complete topline management solution? David Davis, Co-Founder of FUSED, the hospitality industry’s truly only integrated sales and revenue management solution, walks us through what TLM is and how it can transform your hotel property.
In my life I’ve been lucky. Friends, family members, and unofficial fortune tellers have informed me from an early age that I was lucky. As a professor for more than a decade I was flattered when students would indicate they wanted to have a life and career like my own (Life lesson – never judge someone’s life by what you see of them on a stage or at work) as if I had some lucky lottery ticket.
The global pandemic has forced us all to confront and compromise like never before. It exposed vulnerabilities and crippled entire industries within months. As we began to see the end of the road for the company I had been with for more than four years, I found myself in a familiar place, on my knees.
I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. I lived and breathed the game for most of my childhood, and my sights were set on being a big leaguer. That was until I was humbled by a curveball.
The hotel industry's first integrated sales and revenue generation solution.